My brain is too wandery.

Vishal: (7:07) Why are you up so early?
Me: (7:30) I rolled over and Koji was trying to get my attention. Knocking over bottles on my desk. Plop. Plop. Then I rolled over again and groaned and she ran up and jumped on my face and tore the map above my head. And I thought god dammit cat I will never succumb to your selfish ways to give you food when I need sleep. But then she curled up into my knee crease and it made me feel all warm inside so I hopped up and filled her bowl. When i went to the kitchen I thought frig I forgot to wash my dishes last night. And darn I also have to clean my floors! Then I remembered today is my short work day and I promised 동하 i would make red curry for him to try. And I decided I wanted to surprise him by making some dessert. So then I looked at my phone to find a no bake dessert and then remembered your message and replied. After that I started to clean and make little notes on a post it for my grocery trip later. I gotta stay up because my friend wants to go on a hike this morning and his boyfriend is visiting and I wanna do everything but never give myself enough time for it all.